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What Makes Commercial Painters Different From the Residential Painters?

When you are planning for an overall renovation of space whether commercial or residential, planning a good paint job would bring the desired liveliness to a place. It adds to the overall beauty of a place. But what’s considered more important is to choose the right painter. He is the one who can bring the major difference for the kind of result one is expecting. Paint jobs in a commercial and residential setting might sound similar but there is a huge difference between the two. Residential painters are limited with their experience of painting in homes and apartments while commercial painter has broad experience of painting in hotels, shopping malls, and other larger establishments. We at Mas construction have a team of experienced commercial exterior painters in Toronto as well as professional residential painters in Toronto.

residential and commercial painters
What Makes Commercial Painters Different From the Residential Painters?

A glimpse at the differences between residential and commercial painters

• The Strength of The Team

In the case of the residential painting, the team strength generally varies from 2-3 members. It depends on the extent of work required to be done. But generally, the work is confined to limited space and thus needs a limited team. While in the case of commercial painters, they have specialized work and need a bigger team that has to complete mega projects in a limited time frame.

• Experience

It is no wonder that a commercial painter possesses greater experience in the painting job than a residential painter. It is often recommended to place a commercial painter only for the big projects because he will easily understand the depth and requirement of the project. While in the case of residential painters all it requires is good communication between the homeowner and the painter to get the work done with precision.

• Typical Works Performed

A lot of attention goes on the efficacy of the work performed by the commercial painters as they cover large areas. There is a lot of skilled work that a commercial worker might have to engage in. in the case of residential painters, work like wood repairing, ceiling paint, wood trim paint, etc are performed by them.

• Government Regulations

The government lays down the various regulations that a commercial painter has to follow. After all, commercial work is more about the safety of the public and thus the regulations are needed. There is no such harsh regulation for the residential painters but they should follow the necessary guidelines to avoid any kind of hazardous impact to the property.

• Work Scale

Commercial painters have large-scale jobs and they indulge in mega projects. That being the reason the number of employees working is much higher and it needs special skills to be a commercial painter. In the case of residential painters, they usually opt for smaller jobs. They have to work a single place at a time. They usually indulge in a single project at a time and try to complete it quickly to move on to the next.

Ultimately it depends on the business owner and the homeowner to extend their expectation and choose the right painting contractor which would fit well for the job. We at Mas Construction would be happy to help and provide the best commercial exterior painter in Toronto and the residential painter as well.


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